Friday, June 27, 2014

Divided Against Yourselves earns the CLC Seal of Approval

16 year old Tal tries to lead a normal high school life, he plays on the school soccer team and is a talented singer.  But life for him is anything but normal.  For starters, the fact that he is a reincarnation of Taliesin, King Arthur's bard, and has a personal army of warriors, makes it difficult for him to maintain a low profile.  Not to mention his magical powers, possession of a magical sword, mind reading and ability to fly, all of which are a part of everyday life for Taliesen.  

He and his warriors are constantly battling evil characters and traveling between worlds.  But in this, the second book in Bill Hiatt's fantasy fiction series, we are introduced to a different side of Taliesen Weaver, a young man who is pushed to the edge of his ability to control a darkness buried deep within him.

Divided Against Yourselves is an enthralling novel filled with romance, adventure, excitement and suspense.  The story will connect with young readers who are sure to get caught up in the world of fantasy fiction as crafted by author Bill Hiatt, a high school English teacher who is clearly in sync with what appeals to his audience.

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