Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And you thought writing your book would be the hard part

Ever feel like resorting to this technique to try and sell your books?  Well you've got to appreciate these authors' sense of humor.  But seriously... do you remember when you believed writing your book was going to be your greatest challenge?  We've all lived in the fantasy world of what it might be like to have your book published... it usually includes a leisurely lifestyle where we sit back and wait for our royalty checks to come rolling in.  As authors, we've all had that dream.  But the reality is that even if you write your book and get it published, there's still the never-ending challenge of getting your books into the hands of readers.

It's a proven fact that a book award from a credible organization is one of the greatest endorsements your book can receive.  And award seals open doors to schools, libraries, bookstores, speaking engagements and more.

So you can scrounge up a cardboard box and a sharpie, or you can check out the Literary Classics Book Awards website to take the first step towards earning recognition for your book.  - You choose.  Either way, keep on doing what you love!

The CLC Team

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