Monday, September 15, 2014

Book about teen depression earns the CLC Seal of Approval

Kaylee has it all, she's popular, a cheerleader, and the homecoming queen at her school.  She's cheerful and outgoing until a major event occurs, turning her world upside down.  - Suddenly she begins to have severe panic attacks and suffers from extreme depression. Her family moves, hoping the new location will help.  But the panic attacks persist to the point that staff in the emergency room are beginning to know her by name.  As her situation worsens, she is institutionalized.

Kaylee resists her treatment and is resentful that she's been placed in a "nut-house".  But with time, she begins to heal.  Ultimately, she comes to realize that asking herself "What if?" is a pointless question that only causes her pain.

Kaylee, "The What If?" Game is a powerful novel addressing issues relevant with youth suffering from anxiety and depression.  Author Christine Dzidrums has approached a sensitive topic with insightful tenacity.  This book is sure to resonate with youth who are trying to cope with feelings of hopelessness.

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