Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shadow of the Hawk, by K.S. Jones, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Sooze is a sixteen year old girl growing up during the great depression in an era when many girls her age are dreaming of starting a family.  For most of her life, David has been wooing Sooze with marriage proposals.  In the past, she had always declined his offers, but now things are different.  Along with the jobs, most everyone has left their small town of Coaldale.  Times are hard, and Sooze's parents are determined to keep their farm; but it's becoming more difficult every day to make ends meet.  Sooze knows she's not in love, but she accepts David's offer of marriage which comes with his assurance that her family's needs will be met.

But Sooze' family has far greater problems on the horizon. When Sooze' brother is wrongfully accused of murdering her uncle it seems there's little hope that he will be acquitted.   But in a family where no one "has ever been short on spunk" they barrel forward with fierce determination to save Henry from being hanged for another man's crime.

Author K.S. Jones exhibits great skill as a writer in her book Shadow of the Hawk.  Jones vividly portrays the story of the tight-knit Williams clan with roots planted firmly in their faith, family, and the land which they hold so dear.  This work of fiction, which maintains its historical accuracy throughout, is a compelling tale and offers a glorious glimpse into the tenacity of one family as they demonstrate the unconditionality of love beneath the shadow of adversity.

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  1. Thank for this wonderful designation for my book, Shadow Of The Hawk! I am honored and grateful to you and your dedication in promoting excellence in literature.

  2. Karen, you are most welcome. Your book was very well received by our reviewers!

  3. A Literary Classics Gold Medal! I am humbled and honored by the award you have bestowed upon Shadow of the Hawk! I am spreading the news everywhere! Thank you!