Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Big Tow, by Kyle Chirgwin, earns the CLC Seal of Approval

When children are at play, their youthful imaginations transport them to places far beyond the constraints of their back yards. Author Kyle Chirgwin portrays this concept perfectly in his children's picture book My Big Tow.  When Darren plays in his back yard sandbox, he's not just playing with a toy tow truck and a toy airplane.  He's coming to the rescue as Captain Recovery.   Little Darren's imaginative exploration takes him to an airport runway where an airplane has run off the tarmac and it's up to Captain Recovery to save the day.   So immersed is Darren in his play that he only returns to the real world around him in his sandbox after having successfully completed his mission.

My Big Tow is a wonderfully original book with which young children will most assuredly relate.  Fantastic illustrations by Joshua Otero are a perfect match with this children's picture book which is highly recommended for home and school libraries.

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