Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Greenheart of the Forest earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

In Book II of the Bethloria series by Lizbeth Klein, orphaned brothers Robbie and Dougray find themselves once again embroiled in adventure as they seek the Greenheart of the Forest. Author Lizbeth Klein takes readers on an exploration of mystery, adventure and discovery in this riveting fantasy for young readers. While on their quest, the boys learn their parents may still be living. Robbie and Dougray struggle to find truth as they, along with a quirky entourage, join efforts to survive attacks by black wolves and raging rivers. Magical forces help to guide them as they seek to find truth on their journey towards realizing their destiny.

Klein continues to engage readers with book two in her Bethloria series which is well-developed and interwoven with threads and undertones which keep this story interesting and entertaining on many levels. Fans of Firelight of Heaven are sure to love this book in the Firelight Series.

Greenheart of the Forest is a delightful addition to Klein's fantasy series which comes highly recommended.

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