Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Seal of Approval Recipient, Precious Bones by Mika Ashley-Hollinger

Occasionally we come across a book which transports us to another time or place as it feeds the mind and nurtures the soul; Precious Bones is one of those joyously rare literary finds.   

Precious Bones is the entrancing story of Bones, a ten year old girl growing up in the swamplands of Florida in the 1940s.  In this, her debut novel, Author Mika Ashley-Hollinger has conjured up a vividly colorful cast of characters that nearly saunter off the pages of her book to take up residence in the hearts of its readers.

Bones is a bright girl who isn't afraid of much.  But when her daddy is put in jail on charges of murder, she's afraid it will take a miracle to set him free.  With wide-eyed curiosity and wiser-than-her-years introspection, she resolves to get answers and find her own miracles. 

Growing up in a small town, steeped in culture and folklore, she is embraced by a community which nurtures her inquisitive nature. Bones and her best-friend do a little sleuthing of their own as they search for evidence that will absolve her father of any wrong-doing.  Along the way she learns that sometimes one must search beneath the surface of things to find real truth . . . and that things aren't always as they seem.

Precious Bones is a book that will intrigue and delight readers of all ages and is sure to become a timeless classic.  This book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval and is highly recommended for home and school libraries.

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