Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quinn's Search for the Samurai, by Gene and Iris Rotberg, Earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

 Quinn's Search for the Samurai, by Gene & Iris Rotberg, explores the wonder of a child through the eyes of a young boy.  -Quinn loves to hear stories of castles and knights and other such things from medieval times.  But then he wonders, perhaps there are other men covered in armor from head to toe who still walk the earth today just like the knights from long ago.  So he decides to go to Japan in search of a samurai warrior. 

Quinn discovers all sorts of fascinating  places and people in his search for the samurai.  While on his journey he sees a noodle shop, a temple garden and thousands of Japanese kites flying high up in the sky.  But will his quest for adventure lead him to a find a samurai?

Quinn's Search for the Samurai  beautifully captures the curiosity and wonder of a young child.  Enchanting and expressive illustrations are perfectly paired with this book which is sure to delight young readers.

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