Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sip Tea with Mad Hatter, by Loretta Neff, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Sip Tea with Mad Hatter is a fun-filled, Alice and Wonderland themed book which teaches children how to be gracious guests.  Author Loretta Neff continues to delight and inspire young readers with her unique perspective on social graces in her newest children's book.  Each page is adorned with winsome illustrations which will keep youngsters entertained while encouraging them to be the best of guests. Helpful and sound etiquette advice is eloquently penned in a way that will help kids understand the hows, as well as the whys, of good manners when one has been invited to attend a party.  

Sip Tea with Mad Hatter, by Loretta Neff, is highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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