Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lucy in Her Secret Wood, by Christina M. Pagés, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

You know the sort of book that is so absorbing, so entirely enchanting, you wish it would never end?  -- The type of book that has you crying at the finish just because it's over?  That's what we experienced as we read Lucy in Her Secret Wood.  

Lucy is a young girl who has had a very troubled childhood.  At eight years of age she's spent most of her young life locked up in a small room with no exposure to the outside world.  But when her step-father decides he's had enough of her, he takes her out to the forest where he abandons her for good.  Lucy finds incredible joy in the forest where she develops a unique connection with all the elements there.  The trees, the brook, and even the animals are her companions.  Lucy soon befriends a young boy who agrees to tell no-one about her secret home and even brings her food and some essentials to help her survive.

Inspired by Wordsworth's wild child, Lucy Gray, this book is every bit as lovely and entirely inspired.  Readers of all ages will find themselves drawn to Lucy and her magical wood.  Her ability to mimic the sounds of the forest in the music she creates feels hauntingly reminiscent of Jill Paton Walsh's Matthew and the Sea Singer, yet Lucy's tale is altogether unique and absolutely lovely.  Filled with many magical moments and scattered throughout with wonderful life-lessons, this book is highly recommended for home and school libraries.

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  1. I'm so grateful to Children's Literary Classics for giving my middle grade novel Lucy in her Secret Wood the Eloquent Quill Award!