Saturday, April 23, 2016

Patricia Reding's Select earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Coming of age is a struggle for all. But, to do so as someone meant to fulfill a prophecy is challenging beyond comprehension.   The 7th born daughter of a 7th born mother, along with her twin “the one who is, but isn’t,” face a great calling in this enchanting novel in which ancient prophecies are realized. The girls must triumph over evil while facing possible death to complete the destiny which has been foretold. They struggle with becoming young women while also fighting evil forces bent upon destroying their homeland and its inhabitants.

Author Patricia Reding thrills and delights readers with elements of excitement and adventure in a world where magic abounds. Readers are introduced to the most wretched villains as well as delightfully charming heroes and heroines. In a tale which flows effortlessly, this delightful story is a most enjoyable read which spurs the imagination and makes one's heart race with anticipation.

What an outstanding read!  The first book was terrific, the second is marvelous; we wait with great anticipation for the next offering in this dynamic series.

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