Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deputy Dorkface, How Mannerland Got it's Manners Back, earns our Seal of Approval

Deputy Dorkface, How Mannerland Got it's Manners Back, by Kevin Janison, is the third book in the Deputy Dorkface Series and by all means a book which should be on the radar for teachers and librarians as well as parents and grandparents.  This fast paced and highly engaging book will entertain while simultaneously inspiring kids to mind their manners.

One fateful day, as a storm knocks the manners off of the town's Mannerland sign, leaving only the word  'land' remaining, things start to go very wrong in the town which was once known for its impeccable manners. Deputy Dorkface quickly surmises that their town is in grave danger of becoming completely devoid of manners, so he devises a plan to set things straight.

Full of wit and wisdom, this book is most definitely one which kids will want to read again and again.  No need to dust off those stodgy old etiquette books, Deputy Dorkface is here to set matters, and manners straight.

Author Kevin Janison and illustrator, Eldon Doty have teamed up to create a sensational book that will delight both young and old. Deputy Dorkface comes highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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