Thursday, November 17, 2011

Young Author Breathes Life into Characters

 At the tender age of ten, Natalie Tinti has done what many adults only dream of doing.  Young Natalie has written and illustrated a book which has now been published.  Sewing a Friendship is the story of four young girls who each display very unique character traits.  A fifth little girl, Kiki Shaver, "the meanest girl on the planet" joins this cast of characters as the girls learn to work together to accomplish their goal of participating in a fashion show.

Miss Tinti possesses raw talent in her ability to create imagery through her adventure in story-telling.  Her book, Sewing a Friendship, paired with vivid illustrations is a true inspiration to aspiring authors, both young and old.

We look forward to following Miss Tinti's burgeoning writing career and wish her the best of luck in her literary endeavors.

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