Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa and the Little Teddy Bear

Santa and the Little Teddy Bear is the charming tale of Bilbo, the teddy bear who has been passed over (yet again) as the shop in which he resides closes for business on Christmas Eve.  Bilbo's only dream is to become a special gift on Christmas.  But over time, as Bilbo has waited on the shelves to be purchased, he has become "damaged goods." Now on the clearance shelf, with great sadness, he realizes that yet another Christmas shopping season has come and gone... and he fears he may never have the opportunity to bring someone Christmas joy.  When Santa arrives in Bilbo's shop, Bilbo is ecstatic!  With great delight, he is taken on a grand adventure as he helps Santa with his Christmas Eve tasks.  Bilbo travels around the world, helping Santa deliver presents to good little boys and girls everywhere.  As they make their journey, Bilbo experiences various cultures and landmarks, while being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas carols, some classic and some obscure, are skillfully woven within the text of this beautifully written and illustrated book. 

Santa and the Little Teddy Bear, written and illustrated by Peter John Lucking, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

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