Friday, July 8, 2011

The Magic of Finkleton earns the CLC Seal of Approval

Children's Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the children's chapter book, The Magic of Finkleton, written by KC Hilton, has been selected to receive the Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval.  The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the rigorous criteria set forth by the Children's Literary Classics review committee, a team comprised of individuals with backgrounds in publishing, editing, writing, illustration and graphic design.

The Magic of Finkleton, by KC Hilton, takes young readers on an exciting literary adventure.

Siblings, Robert, Jack and Lizzy are plunged into a world of intrigue when their house is destroyed in a thunderstorm, a disaster which befalls them at precisely the same time their Great Uncle dies, bequeathing them his home and general store in the picture-perfect town of Finkleton.  Soon after moving into the living quarters above their uncle's shop, they begin discovering magical secrets hidden inside.  As they slowly unravel the mystery of Finkleton, the children learn a secret which has been kept in the Finkle family for generations.  Vowing to keep their secret safe, the three work together to help keep the magic of Finkleton alive.

KC Hilton has created a vibrant tale of intrigue which is sure to ignite enthusiasm in the minds of young readers. 


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