Monday, July 4, 2011

A delightful book with an important message about homelessness

Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco, is a delightful book with an important message.  Following her mother's death, young Ivy and her father are evicted from their home in San Francisco.  Ivy does her best to keep her homelessness a secret to most of her friends at school; yet, her secret is not easily kept.  Ivy and her father, Poppy, encounter many wonderful and caring people as they struggle to survive.  But they also encounter many people who make inaccurate assumptions about them, often causing them great harm in their quest to rise from the desperation of their current situation.  Often witty, occasionally heart-wrenching, this book offers insight into the lives of those who must endure living in shelters and on the streets. 

Summer Brenner's account of a homeless girl and her father living on the streets is both revealing and heartwarming.


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