Monday, March 13, 2017

If You Wish, by Cassandra Sage Briskman, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Sixteen-year-old Ella lives in an incredible mansion.  Her father is a famous film director and is gone for months at a time, leaving her with a stepmother who treats her like the hired help. Adding insult to injury, she also shares her home with two self-absorbed step-sisters.  Like a stranger in her own home, Ella spends most of her time running errands for her overindulged step-mother.  She drives a beat up old car that will barely start and nobody seems to mind that she doesn't have a driver's license yet.  Friendless, and with a cynical outlook on life, Ella is just trying to survive the drudgery of her life from one day to the next. Then, through a chance encounter, she befriends a boy from her school and finds a new perspective on life.

Intensely honest, If You Wish represents the very tangible insecurities and self-doubt felt by so many teens today.  Readers will relate to this poignant tale of loss and self-discovery as Ella is bouyed by the confidence she discovers when she finds purpose and a sense of belonging.  Author Cassandra Sage Briskman exhibits true talent as a writer in her telling of this soulful story of a young girl who lives out a very "un-fairytale."  An engaging book which is sure to strike a chord with teen audiences, If You Wish, is highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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