Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ripples Through Time earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Calvin is near the end of his life... at least that's how he would have things.  His bride of nearly 60 years, Mellie, has just passed away and he plans to end things so they can be reunited.  When Calvin's friend, Edward, checks in to make sure he's alright, the widower starts to recall the events of his past.  The landscape of his life is portrayed through the eyes of those who have shaped his world. Sometimes joyous, some times melancholy, but always genuine; these revealing vignettes impart the many facets of one man's time upon earth.

Author Lincoln Cole's natural style offers a refreshingly honest look at life and humanity.  His novel, Ripples Through Time, is a study of the imperfections of family and those we choose to love, despite their flaws and failings.  Ripples Through Time is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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