Monday, October 18, 2010

Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval - Brave Martha, Written and Illustrated by Margot Apple

Brave Martha, Written and Illustrated by Margot Apple-
Brave Martha is the story of a little girl who shares each bed-time with her friend and pet, Sophie, the cat. Martha’s evening ritual begins with Sophie leading the way as she helps make sure ‘the coast is clear,’ all the while looking here and there for things that go bump in the night. Then one evening, Sophie is not around at bed-time, and Martha must go to bed without the aid of her faithful friend. With nervous anticipation, Martha's  imagination gets the best of her as she conjures up a slew of things to be feared as she makes the trek to her room. The story has a fun little twist at the end when Martha discovers that the cause of all the scratching sounds she’s been hearing are actually caused by her good friend and cat, Sophie.
The illustrations in this book are delightful.

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