Monday, September 14, 2015

Christmas Nevermore earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Polik and Nika are young siblings who live in an Inuit village in the Great North with their grandfather, Ikkuma, the village Shaman.  When magical stones are discovered, Ikkuma insists they must be returned to the Mother of the Sea or their village will be cursed.  But when the stones are hidden instead, their grandfather becomes gravely ill.

The brother and sister team up to find and return the stones in hopes of saving their grandfather and village. Polik and Nika discover the crisis has been caused by the disruption of their delicate ecosystem at the hands of an oil exploration team; they soon learn that global warming's impact has reached beyond their village.  Realizing something must be done to thwart the efforts of the oil drilling company they set off on a grand adventure. While on their quest, they encounter Santa Claus, who is also suffering from the affects of global warming.  Polik and Nika work together, and solicit the help of others, to preserve the earth and save Christmas for children everywhere.

Authors Marc Cadieux and Herve Bastien, have artfully blended Alaskan folk stories and the legend of Santa Claus into a magical combination while adeptly addressing the subject of global warming.  Page after page of beautiful illustrations, by Christina Zakhozhay, further enhance this story which is sure to become a cherished holiday treasure.

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