Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pack-N-Go Girls Adventure series, by Lisa Travis and Janelle Diller, earn the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Pack-N-Go Girls Adventure series for young readers is an outstanding collection of books which instill a sense of curiosity and a fascination with travel and adventure for a youth audience.  Authors Lisa Travis and Janelle Diller work in tandem to breathe life into this highly engaging and cunningly educational series.  Each book within the collection includes a mind-tickling mystery which takes place somewhere outside the United States.  As clues to the mystery unfold, readers are introduced to the unique sights, sounds, tastes and customs of the country in which the story takes place.  Intended for girls aged six through nine years, each book within the series is color-coded by country.  Yellow tabbed books take place in Brazil, Green books take place in Mexico, and so on.  Books are numbered sequentially for a story which progresses from one to the next.  Well written and enhanced with expressive illustrations, girls are sure to love this exciting literary offering which is recommended for home and school libraries.

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