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Literary Classics Announces 2014 Youth Media Award Recipients

SOUTH DAKOTA - Literary Classics announced its 2014 selection of top books for children and young adults today.  Award recipients were selected from entries received from around the globe.  The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize the following titles in children’s and young adult literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics Awards committee.

A list of the 2014 recipients follows:

Enchanted Page Book Award for the most distinguished children’s storybook -  Scratch and Old Mouse, written by Kathryn England and illustrated by Kimberly Soderberg - Character Publishing

Eloquent Quill Book Award for one work of extraordinary youth fiction  -  Strange Metamorphosis, by P.C.R. Monk - Bloomtree Press

Lumen Award for Literary Excellence honoring the most notable work of  youth nonfiction  -  The Men Who Made the Yankees, by W. Nikola-Lisa - Gyroscope Books

Words on Wings Book Award for the most highly acclaimed young adult fiction work - Dew Angels, by Melanie Schwapp - Independent

Best Illustrator  - Morton Munson Built a Mansion, written and illustrated by Jeff Busch - Bongo Books
Best First Picture Book  -  Scratch and Old Mouse, Kathryn England - Character Publishing
Best First Chapter Book  -  Annie the Scientist, Daniel Johnson - Character Publishing
Best First Novel  -  ​Unveiling the Wizard’s Shroud, Eric Price - Muse It Up Publishing
Best Children’s Picture Book Series  -  Shelly’s Adventures (Shelly Goes to the Zoo, Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure), written by Kentrell Martin and illustrated by Marc Rodriguez - Shelly’s Adventures, L.L.C.
Best Chapter Book Series  -  1950s Adventure Series by C.A. Hartnell (Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, Wild Winter) - Hawk Prints Publishing

General Infant / Preschooler GOLD - Benjamin Jay was a Bully,  Emma Glover - Guardian Angel Publishing
General Infant / Preschooler SILVER - I Like Pink, by Vivian Zabel - 4RV Publishing
Picture Book / Preschooler GOLD - Even Poop Has a Purpose, Uncle Paul - PerBook Publishing L.L.C.
Picture Book / Preschooler SILVER - Without Me?,  Kayleen West - Wombat Books
General Early Reader GOLD - Deputy Dorkface, How Trutherton Got its Honesty Back, Kevin D Janison - Stephens Press
General Early Reader SILVER - A Creepy Nothingness Came Crawling, Gideon Maxim - Dot and Odd Press
Picture Book Early Reader GOLD - Odie the Stray Kitten, Kristen Mott - Author House
Picture Book Early Reader SILVER - CougaMongaMingaMan, Nancy Scalabroni - Mascot Books

Fiction Chapter Book GOLD - Benton Believes, Kimberly Bugbee, M.S. - Character Publishing
Fiction Chapter Book SILVER - The Mysterious Mandolin, Aneta Cruz - Independent
Fantasy Pre-Teen GOLD - The Magician’s Doll, M.L. Roble - Independent
Fantasy Pre-Teen SILVER - Karmack, J.C. Whyte - Muse It Up Publishing
Mystery Pre-Teen GOLD - A Secret in Time, HY Hanna - Wisheart Press
Mystery Pre-Teen SILVER - The Charelton Locket, Ann Morgan Taylor - XLibris
Fiction Pre-Teen GOLD - Glimpse, Steven Whibley - Steven Whibley Books
Fiction Pre-Teen SILVER - Sons of the Sphinx, Cheryl Carpinello - Beyond Today Educator
Health /Self Esteem GOLD - Kaylee, the “What if?” Game, Christine Dzidrums - Creative Media
Health /Self Esteem SILVER - Not a Doctor Logan’s Divorce Book, Sydney Salter - Character Publishing

Fiction YA GOLD - ​Alchemy’s Daughter, Mary A. Osborne - Lake Street Press
Fiction YA SILVER - Sway, Jennifer Gibson - Black Opal Books
General Young Adult GOLD - Curse of the Crystal Kuatzin, Jan H. Landsberg - CreateSpace
General Young Adult SILVER - My Name is Rapunzel, ​K.C. Hilton - CreateSpace
Fantasy Fiction YA GOLD - Strange Metamorphosis, P.C.R. Monk  - CreateSpace
Fantasy Fiction YA SILVER - Firelight of Heaven, Lizbeth Klein - Wombat Books
Science Fiction YA GOLD - Protostar, Braxton A. Cosby - Winter Goose Publishing
Science Fiction YA SILVER - ​The Heir, Lynne Stringer - Wombat Books
Faith Based Young Adult GOLD - The King, Lorilyn Roberts - CreateSpace
Faith Based Young Adult SILVER - Motive Games, L.D. Taylor - Wombat Books
Historical Fiction GOLD - Alchemy’s Daughter, Mary A. Osborne - Lake Street Press
Historical Fiction SILVER - My Name is Luke, Jim Ruddle - Amika Press
NonFiction YA GOLD -  The Men Who Made the Yankees, W. Nikola-Lisa - Gyroscope Books
NonFiction YA SILVER - Once Upon a Road Trip, Angela N. Blount - Artifice Press

Rhyme Book -  ​If Chocolate Were Purple, Jen Barton - Flickerfawn
Self Esteem Preschool - Alex and the Rabbit, Monica Dumont - Independent
Gender Specific Picture Book - My Brother Is My Best Friend, Nicole Weaver - Guardian Angel Publishing
Interactive Book - Bubble Tubbie, Epiphany Schwarz - Black Catapult Publishing
Faith Based Early Reader - Sì Mama, Sì Papa, Nancy Scalabroni - Mascot Books
Holiday Book - The Santa Spy, Patrick Bates - Character Publishing
Educational Book - Cockroach Invasion, Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg - Archway Publishing
Environmental Issues - Cycle, Jay Amberg - Amika Press
Guide Book - What Do They Want from Me?, Kristina Kumar - Character Publishing
Gender Specific Young Adult - Hometown Heroines, Betty Boltè - ePublishing Works
Inspirational / Visionary - The Undecided, Robin Donaruma - ​Sunbury Press
Cultural Issues - Dew Angels, Melanie Schwapp - Independent

Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic literature which appeals to youth, while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations.  Judging is based upon the criteria set forth by Literary Classics’ highly selective awards committee which honors books promoting character, vision, creativity and learning, through content which possesses key elements found in well-crafted literature.

The Literary Classics judging committee consists of experts with backgrounds in publishing, writing, editing, design, illustration, and book reviewing.   To learn more about Literary Classics, visit their website at

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