Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alchemy's Daughter, by Mary Osborne, Earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

In a world where too much learning is considered to be a pursuit of vanity, 17 year old Santina possesses an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  Santina is doubtful that her father will approve of a husband for her with whom she could possibly share a common bond.  So when she becomes infatuated with a young scholar who encourages her ambitions to improve her mind, she is hopeful that her father will see him as a suitable match for her.

As Santina searches for direction and meaning in her life, things take an unexpected turn when she develops an unlikely friendship with Trotula, the town's midwife, who many believe to be a witch.

Author Mary Osborne's adept portrayal of a spirited and intelligent young girl growing up in Italy during the middle ages is an alluring tale that provides an intriguing blend of history, romance, and adventure.  Alchemy's Daughter  is a story with timeless appeal which speaks to young readers on many levels pertaining to the choices one must make when embarking upon the threshold of adulthood.

LITERARY CLASSICS Book Awards & Reviews International Book Awards • Top Honors Youth Book Awards • Seal of Approval

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