Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Hellandback Kids: Be Careful What You Wish For, by LL Helland, is an award-winning middle-grade novel which holds great appeal for young readers.  When siblings: Jon, Brittany, Trisha and Chris, embark upon a journey to their great-grandmother's home in Scotland, they quickly learn that things are not as they may first appear in the unusual home where they are staying as first-time guests.  As each of the four brothers and sisters finds themselves in a magical world where they are living the lives they have always wished for, they come to learn that sometimes what one wishes for is not always what is best.

As this story unfolds it gains momentum and eventually becomes quite a page-turner.  Despite young Chris' propensity for sarcasm and insolence, we found this book to have considerable merit in the areas of life skills and character building messages as well as in its entertainment value. A more thorough edit may have helped with the flow of this book, but overall we found The Hellandback Kids to be an entertaining read and we look forward to seeing future works from this budding author.  This book is recommended for middle-school children who enjoy such books as Narnia, Harry Potter, and other fantasy fiction works.

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