Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Book of Chaos, by Jessica Renwick, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Fable Nuthatch is no ordinary girl.  Orphaned at a very young age, she lives with her Aunt Moira and cousin, Timothy.  She has the ability to perform magic, but her aunt forbids her to practice the art.  One day Fable discovers a book which has been tucked away on a shelf for years.  The pages inside are blank, but the book seems to hold some sort of magical powers.   It doesn't take long for Fable and her cousin to learn the book holds some sort of darkness.  But when they try to make things right, Fable is swept away into an alternate world unlike any she has ever known.  And to make matters worse, Timothy has disappeared!

Author Jessica Renwick has crafted a highly engaging tale about the love of family and the true bonds of friendship.  This enchanting tale offers a thrilling adventure for young readers who are sure to be entertained by this first book in the Starfell Series

LITERARY CLASSICS Book Awards & Reviews International Book Awards • Top Honors Youth Book Awards • Seal of Approval

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