Monday, May 15, 2017

Ophelia, Alive, by Luke Harrington, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

After failing at college Ophelia’s sister gets her a job at a charity hospital in exchange for testing a new drug.  Included in the array of unwelcome side-effects she begins to hallucinate and starts acting out unexpectedly. Ophelia struggles to quit taking the medication without success.  Then things take a bizarre turn when she is visited by ghosts who were erstwhile murdered by a serial killer. 

Horror meets literary fiction in this unique novel in which Shakespeare, Poe, and the like join efforts to create a surreal montage of thoughtful introspection.  As Ophelia delves into a world of existential indulgence, readers are introduced to her meanderings as she processes a deluge of mind-altering experiences. 

Ophelia, Alive is altogether unexpected and will leave readers yearning for more from this author.  A fresh perspective on the horror genre, this novel will appeal to fans of dark fantasy and may even spark an interest in classical literature.

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