Friday, April 15, 2016

In the Heart of a Mustang, by M.J. Evans, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

When fifteen year old Hunter learns the truth about his father he is hurt and angry. Feeling betrayed and disillusioned, he starts running around with a rough crowd, becomes reckless, and gets into serious trouble for his actions.  Consequently, he is sent to Promise Ranch, a facility for at-risk boys. The ranch offers counseling, love, and support, in a home-like setting. But Hunter resents being sent away and wants nothing to do with Promise Ranch or their programs.  Upon arrival at the ranch Hunter is paired with a rescued mare which was on the brink of starvation prior to its adoption.  Under the guidance and direction of an old cowboy, and through the heart of a mustang, Hunter learns to care for the mare while letting go of the anger he has harbored since learning the truth about his father.

Author M.J. Evans has crafted a coming of age story which speaks to the hearts of readers on many levels.  The bond between Hunter and his mare makes for a genuinely riveting tale that will not soon be forgotten. This story grabs the reader’s attention immediately, taking them through the struggles of a troubled teen who must come to terms with his angst. The author brings to life very real problems and situations. In the Heart of a Mustang is one of the finest books ever written for teens and preteens. This book is strongly recommended for young readers.

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