Thursday, June 4, 2015

New book by Nancy Scalabroni earns the CLC Seal of Approval

The children's picture book CougaMongaMingaMan Meets Maggie, by Nancy Scalabroni, is a story of a cat with a a long name to match its very long tail.  

When CougaMongaMingaMan's family brings home a new dog, Maggie, Couga is not too keen on the idea.  Couga, who prior to Maggie's appearance was an only pet, wonders if he will be displaced now that Maggie has arrived on the scene.  When he gets together with his other cat friends he expresses his concerns with them.  Most of Couga's friends agree Maggie could be trouble, but then some of his friends suggest that he should give Maggie a chance. 

Author, Nancy Scalabroni, has written a book to which kids will relate on many levels.  This book has a positive message which will speak to the hearts of youngsters who may be struggling with accepting change. This story, as it correlates to new siblings, provides a strong message of love and acceptance.  CougaMongaMingaMan Meets Maggie would make an excellent gift for youngsters with a baby brother or sister on the way and is recommended for home and school libraries. 

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