Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 International Book Awards for Children and Young Adults - Finalists Announced

Literary Classics announced its 2013 selection of top book finalists for children and young adults today.  The list includes finalists from entries received all over the world.  The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize the following titles in children's and young adult literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics Awards committee.

A list of the 2013 award finalists follows:

Donna Arlynn Frisinger - Bink and Slinky's Ark Adventure
Sally Berenzweig & Cherie Benjoseph - Jack Teaches his Friends to be KidSafe!
Marianne Berkes - Over in the Forest
Marianne Berkes - What's in the Garden?
N. E. Castle - Loogie the Booger Genie

Braxton A. Cosby - School of Ministry
Jenèe Dana - Have Fun & Get it Done
Margo L. Dill - Finding My Place
Lynn Dove - Love the Wounded
Linda Elder - Fairminded Fran
Michele Elliott - Bullies, Cyberbullies and Frenemies
Renee Heiss - Woody's World
Bill Hiatt - Living with Your Past Selves
John Himmelman - Noisy Bug Sing-Along
Kevin D. Janison - Deputy Dorkface
Tanya Kilgore - The Grief Recovery Kit
Marc Kuhn - About a Farm

Carol Liu - Arlene, the Rebel Queen
Michelle Lord - Nature Recycles, How About You?
Dr. Jean A. Lukesh - Eagle of Delight
Cari Lyn - Molly the Mermaid
Lisa Manzione - The Bella & Harry Series

Emma Michaels - Owlet
Mary Michè - Nature's Patchwork Quilt
S.D. Nelson - Greet the Dawn the Lakota Way
W. Nikola-Lisa - Dear Frank
Gene & Iris Rotberg - Quinn's Search for the Samurai
Evelyn Rothstein - Evelyn and the Two Evas
Tracy Schuldt Helixon - Little Isaac's Big Adventure 

Cristiane Serruya - The Modern Man
N. M. Singel - The Wicked Passage
Nancy Stewart - Katrina and Winter
Beverly Stowe McClure - Life on Hold

Gustav Tjgaard - Windjamming to China 

Catherine Witek - The Trial of Misella Cross

All final award levels and categories will be announced October 15, 2013. 

Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic children's literature which appeals to youth, while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations.  Judging is based upon the criteria set forth by Literary Classics' highly selective awards committee which honors books promoting character, vision, creativity and learning, through content which possesses the key elements found in well-crafted literature.

The Literary Classics judging committee consists of experts with backgrounds in publishing, writing, editing, design, illustration, and book reviewing.   To learn more about Literary Classics, visit their website at www.literaryclassicsawards.com.
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