Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nickel Plated, by Aric Davis - An Exceptional Read for Young Adults

This book is an exceptional read; It is well written, and surprisingly believable given that the main character is a twelve year old boy who is willing to risk his own life to oust those who would prey on young children.  Despite his larger than life character, Nickel, is a genuinely likeable boy who "could use a hug" now and again.  The rawness of the protagonist and his very genuine thoughts as they are expressed throughout this edge-of-your-seat story, helps the reader feel very much engaged in the outcome of this superbly written book.

One caveat - while the author delicately handles some extremely sensitive issues (child pornography and human trafficking in particular), the fact remains that this book has some fairly mature content throughout.  Add to that, the fact that the hero just happens to grow and sell marijuana as a means of supporting himself, and you'll understand why this book is not for younger readers.

That being said, there are some life lessons on internet safety and general precautionary measures to be gleaned from the pages of this book.

Giving this book a maturity rating based on age; we'd place this book as appropriate for readers 16 years of age and up.


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