Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truman’s Aunt Farm, by Jama Kim Rattigan - A fun play on words

Truman’s Aunt Farm, by Jama Kim Rattigan
This book, about a boy and his eccentric aunt who accidentally sends him an aunt farm instead of an ant farm for his birthday, is precious. The boy sends his aunt a letter explaining the confusion, stating that he has an abundance of aunts, only she fails to understand what has happened and responds, telling him to check and see if any of his friends would like some of his ants. So he puts out a sign which reads: "Aunts... free to good home". Eventually all his Aunts are sent off with children who are happy to have them.
This book offers a fun way to help children learn the distinction between the words Aunt and Ant. The silliness of the story will keep kids engaged and entertained.


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